Baja Hoodie - Corona Beach Club

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Live the Finer Life” - “La Cerveza Mas Fina”

We're kinda obsessed with this Corona Baja Hoodie! Perfect for chilly beach nights 🌊 or snuggling up next to a campfire🔥.  We import them directly from Mexico where they are handmade from an awesome blend of recycled fibres.  Baja Hoodies have been around for decades and continue to be a fashion staple with surfers and cool people in general. They are warm in the winter and awesome for days and evenings alike during any Endless Summer.

Super hardwearing and easy to care for.  Unisex.

*****PLEASE NOTE - The colour of your Baja Hoodie may be slightly different than the ones pictured as they are made with natural undyed fibres so there are natural colour variations*****

Please note: As these Hoodies are made from natural fibres, sometimes there are natural colour variations that occur.  Because of this, please be aware that the colour of the item you receive may differ slightly from those shown here - thanks so much!